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Rotary Club of Gants Hill is proud to share the accomplishments of past president Joel, owner of Bows Chemist, Rainham, Essex. who recently published a book called "The Might of Failure". It is available to buy on
Amazon UK for the moment.
Joel wrote this book during the Covid 19 Pandemic. We wish him all the success in his future writings and await his next book.


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Rotary International was created on the foundation of '"doing good in the world". During the COVID-19, the world was more or less at a standstill due to restricted human movement by the government of most countries to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. This resulted in the global economic downturn. Some people who lost their jobs were confronted with the uncertainty of the future and the fear of failure. My encounter with such a person and my successful encouragement that failure could be a pathway to success inspired me to write this book. My Rotarian spirit of “doing good in the world".

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